Commercial Fabric Printing License

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Need an extended license for commercial fabric printing ? Not sure if you need one? Read on!


Personal use means that you do NOT intend on selling any items you create using my resources. For example, you can use my resources to create stickers for your own planner, a birthday invitation for your own family member, a personal scrapbook, but you may NOT sell them as that would then be considered commercial use.

If you intend on selling any items using my resources you will need to purchase an extended license.


An extended license will cover all of the qualifying (*) seamless digitals in my shop for use in projects totaling under 10,000 end-products. If you intend on selling 10,000+/wholesale items using my resources please message me first for more details.

This covers all seamless files in our shop.
*****TERMS OF USE*****

You may NOT use my products in the following ways:

You may not claim the original designs/artwork as your own.

You may not use my designs for copyright/trademark purposes.

You may not redistribute any items for free/as a freebie.

You may not use/sell AS IS (you must incorporate our digital into a wider design).

You may not use for mobile app development or desktop app development.

You may not use my items for broadcast/streaming (network/cable/etc).

If you are uncertain about commercial use terms please message me :-)!


When you check out for this order you will be invited to the google drive that contains the folders for the year of 2020 - This may take up to 24 hours.

Any questions please contact us directly at

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Failure to abide by these terms will result in the removal from the drive with NO REFUND. This is a digital item and once you have purchased no refund will be available.